Binary to Octal

Want to convert Binary to Octal value? Enter the desired binary number below and click on the button to get the conversion of a binary number into the octal base - 8 number. Enter numbers like 1110, 110100, or 11010 here and find out the equivalent octal values of the numbers. In the same way, you can enter the base - 8 values to find out the zeros and one's values of those numbers.


Binary Numbers

In the digital world, binary numbers are everywhere. The biggest advantage of these numbers is nothing the simple implementation in the electronic hardware. Travel through this table and get to know about the conversions of different numbers.

How to convert binary to octal?

Converting zeros and ones into the equivalent octal is not a difficult task at all. First of all, divide the given binary number in the group of three. Once you separate the binary number in the groups, convert the group of three binary digits into the octal digits. You can find the octal numbers of the binary numbers from our tool. Enter a value of the binary number, for example, enter "010" in the box and you will get "2" in the answer box. With this technique, you can convert binary to octal numbers in the least amount of time.