Hexadecimal to Binary

Use this Hexadecimal to Binary converter to convert any base-16 hex number into the zeros and ones. Enter a hex number value into the box and convert that hex number into the correct binary number with ease. Hex numbers contain 0-9 in numbers and A-z in letters. For example, enter "4444" into the text area and click on the convert button. You will get the "100010001000100" answer in the conversion box.


How to Convert Hexadecimal to Binary?

Converting hexadecimal to binary numbers is not a difficult task. To represent binary numbers in lesser characters, many developers use binary numbers. Binary number is the base-2 while hex numbers are the bast - 16. First, get the decimal number equivalent of that hexadecimal number from the table, and you have done. You will get the binary number equivalent to the hex number.